soup and honey.

If someone ever comes up to you and offers you a sinus infection, think twice before you accept.

I feel like shit.
It’s been about a month since I’ve felt completely myself. This has to be the one of the most annoying things I’ve ever had to go through. 
Being sick is not only being sick. It’s missing out on the fun, missing out on the weather, missing out on school, missing out on friends! I’ve been on antibiotics and bed rest for about 6 days now and they’re just starting to kick in. I can finally look into the light! The horrible thing about this, other than the lingering annoyance of body aches, is the fact that once it all starts to fade away and you begin to feel better, you realize that you have three paintings, a charcoal drawing, and two sculptures due within the next two weeks and you feel you have no energy to even start to think about them.
Its been 4 weeks since I started at the Ottawa School of Art working on my portfolio in hopes of getting into Queen’s University. Fingers crossed. 
I guess you could say this blog is an upside to being in bed for 2 weeks. I finally have some spare time to rant about what I think is important, or in this case, make you all feel sorry for me. Stay tuned for some of my work posted on the blog in the future.


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