i don’t enjoy writing. i enjoy the idea of it. i like taking a pencil to a paper. i like the traditional scripture ideology and all that nonsense.
i dont know about you, but for some unexplained reason the only way i can get ideas out onto a page, or in this case a screen, is to type! maybe my mind just moves at a pace where only the keys can keep up. which is why i thank all you bloggers for doing what you do best; posting what you know and keeping the blog world alive. and really, when i say “posting what you know”, i mean just that.
don’t take time time to make this page all pretty and fancy, unless that’s what you know. don’t go around looking at other blogs saying to yourself “ou, i wish i could think like him/her” or “i wish i had thought of that!”. you will. me, i don’t know much when you look at all the knowledge out there. so don’t do asking me all these scientific, political questions or discussion topics when what i know is pretty limited. 
what do i know? you’ll find out with time. 
take your ideas and jot them down. take a random thought, a song, an opinion, and throw it down on a piece of paper. better yet, blog about it. these ideas, thoughts, whatever, will be that much more significant to you once you know they’re able to be read by someone out there. who knows, maybe it will get stumbled upon and someone will love what you had to say.

just write about it. 

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