hail to the soul sister.

so it’s been a couple days. hey folks.

a few little details i’d like to throw out there. life has been giving me quite the hard time in the past little while and she’s being a little bit of a bitch to say the least. after a generic cold, which after a few nights of heavy partying turned into a sinus infection (see previous post), i was given a nice dose of antibiotics. allergic to penicillin? i am. unfortunately i was rushed to the hospital wednesday night looking like a swollen lobster and dosed up on a bunch of drugs. i’m not one to get sick, or ever end up in the hospital. so this was a pretty big event to say the least. i’m up and running finally and after 2 solid months of fighting sickness after sickness, i can confidently say that this is the end of it all. knock on wood.

what else is new. happy birthday yesterday to my older bro, and my little bro pat headed out to shanghai friday morning for fashion week around 4 am for 3 months and decided to take my mac with him. so i’m getting another!
with a bunch of school off and a bunch of time on my hands, i have finally finished my first sculpture work for art school. i haven’t decided if i’m going to keep the base or put it on a stand of some sort. there are some touch ups that need to be done, but you get the idea. the hands are formed and sculpted out of yellow student wax and then covered with professional brown wax, and the flowers are made out of yellow wax as well, held up by copper wiring. i also made a trip to the scrap metal yard the other day and found a lot of interesting things to start making my next experimental sculpture. we’ll see how that one turns out and i’ll be sure to post up some progress.

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