c’est fini!

So I think those three turned out pretty well. I ran out of most of my paint and most of the materials I used so the last one was pretty make-shift. Surprisingly they’re in higher demand than I expected (not complaining at all) so I don’t think those will be headed to the gallery. Another series will be started and posted within the next 10 days or so. I’m thinking of the same styles and techniques but a brighter palette and a lot more whites. Stay tuned!

updates updates updates

still no computer.
but i’ve managed to find some time to post a few artistic updates and what i’ve been up to the past little while.

graphite with a light sepia wash, woodblock print on bfk, and my second wax sculpture for the series in progress.
all untitled, all still in the works.
sidenote for all you artists out there: don’t ever forget to document your work! you never know when a work thats been in the making for 50 hours will come tumbling down.
i’ve added a contact email for those of you who have any inquiries about any of the work posted on the site.