David Altmejd…and me


 Haven’t posted in a while so heres something i’m working on in class. it’s a work in progress but hopefully it’s going to turn into something pretty neat.

starting out with a skull, next step is to add muscle and tissue. this is a self portrait and i’m awful at drawing those let alone sculpting them so i’m curious to see how this is going to turn out. i’ll at a bust eventually. after, i plan on making a mold out of this and turning it into something contemporary. Altmejd has given me inspiration. i do recommend seeing his piece at the National Gallery asap. 

Portfolios are starting due within the month so i’m working my ass of. I’m off to toronto this weekend for a clinic at OCAD so i’m hoping all goes well. apologies for ghosting in the next little bit but i’ll be back once school and applications settle down!


my foolish heart.

I had this large canvas lying around that was compeltely warped. needless to say i failed to put cross bars behind it while i stretched it and it just went wack. being the lazy person i am, instead of taking off the canvas and restretching it all over again, i took the whole thing and nailed it to my wall. im happy. it gave me the opportunity to get a little messy.
et voila!

My foolish heart, 3’x4′ mixed media