drypoint! another form of printing for those of you who are wondering where a sharp, needle like object is taken to a plate of plexi glass, copper, aluminum, etc. and scraped into to create an image, then printed onto soaked paper. 
the inking process for drypoint has grown on me. each print isn’t just rolling on the ink and shoving it through a press. although the creation of the plate doesn’t take all that much time unless you’ve chosen to etch a slate of plexi glass the size of a small coffee table, which i will show you all soon, the inking of the plate is slightly technical i’d say. and when the print is done, you’re super stoked. the plate is inked by a card, then wiped down with cheese cloth material, then intaglioed (polished) to bring out your whites. just like the middle of my piece. i’ve decided to keep a bit of plate tone to my piece to give it a cloudy look – i think i like it that way. 
I have really come to like this print. It’s simple, and i like how i used a larger piece of paper to border it. i find it gives it a little more depth. the size of the plate is only 6 x 6 inches. 
flying lotus cover anyone? 
i’ll post my larger dry point hopefully tomorrow. 

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