i needed to post something sooo…

Photo by Alexa


i couldnt find this song on youtube, but leave it up to bandcamp to have it.
MiMOSA’s new EP is pretty tight. check it out here

heres something else.
im not a big fan of dubstep anymore (other than live shows)… but this isn’t that bad, i actually kinda like it.

check out my girl Alexa’s photography HERE (photo cred at the top). She’s a wonderfully talented photographer and you all need to be blown away by her shots!


hey bloggers.

i come baring GREAT NEWS
on friday i got a nice little email letting me know that i had been accepted into OCAD!!!!!
i’m still high off life right now and i’ve been drinking way too much tequila the past couple nights.
still waiting on two more schools, but OCAD is huge!

thanks for all support 🙂
heres a nice little song for your lazy sunday.