these summer days.

photo by alexa

just a couple that remind me of summer. i’m grateful to have been shown these songs last summer by an old friend.

to all you readers out there…i hope you take time to make playlists. it’s taken me a couple years to realize how important a few songs in a meaningful playlist can be. stock that itunes sidebar up with every memory you remember and every song that goes with it. then, just as i did, you’ll stumble across it a year later and be reminded of a time that you loved just like that!
happy tuesday. i work for the next 6 days so stay tuned next week for, speaking of which, a new playlist!

hesus i forgot

i was driving the other day. it seemed to be the first real day of spring/summer weather and i couldn’t help but think to myself how much i love to drive. then i was a sad panda because i remembered that i’m moving to toronto, a nice, big, transit loaded, metropolitan city where, no doubt, i won’t be driving.

so, what a better way to finish the summer than driving 13 hours to chi city, seeing some of my favourite bands play in a weekend, and then driving 13 hours back home.

lollapalooza anyone?
this is going to be the time of my life.