go do.

Play and read on!

After a nice sunday morning chat dad, he’s yet again given me some words of wisdom to think about, write about, and hopefully sometime soon act upon.

I woke up this morning to a text with the url “www.thestylerookie.com”. I immediately clicked on the link expecting to see some usual fashion blog with a ton of tumblr-esque pictures and heavily opinionated thoughts portrayed through the means of an outfit. But then again, this was my dad who sent it. The computer programmer, genius software architect, has innovative ideas like Steve Jobs kinda guy. So I clicked. I was immediately surprised about the layout of the blog, and how it resembled mine in a way. Then I started reading, and then I started clicking around, and to my surprise this was a 15 year old girl who started blogging 3 years ago about the way she dressed, how she felt about the teenage girl society and her passion towards influencing others to dress freely. The message behind her clothing to young people and why she’s doing this, and yes, her age as well, makes this precious blog stand out from most or all others. She’s managed to get so popular, she’s been invited to multiple fashion shows including Marc Jacobs and is launching a website in collaboration with people like Jack Black and Zooey Deschanel. Read more about Tavi Genvinson in the NY Times right Here.

Being an art student isn’t exactly the most predominant of choices (most people think) and most people think being a fine art graduate is just setting yourself up for disappointment out in “the real world”. With the help and thoughts of my dad, he helped me realize that art in the younger generations isn’t so popular. This got me thinking. This is my opportunity.
The world of marketing art to young people isn’t explored at all. Teens are all about the fashion. They want immediate recognition of who they are as a person when they walk down the street and someone looks at them. Thats what fashion is all about. It’s the easiest way to instantly express yourself. But what about where your clothes hang, and what about the wall space that’s covered with Vogue magazines. What kid wants to go out and buy art. None, not that I know of anyway. On one end of the spectrum there is street art which is blowing up like crazy, but doesn’t have the accessibility of being hung on a wall. And then there’s the other end where you can buy a realist’s oil painting or an extremely contemporary dot for 2.3 million dollars. Or, if you’re feeling really bold, you could buy a 300 square foot sculpture.
I like to think I create the kind of art that is accessible to the younger generations because of it’s expressionist approach and the materials I use. I create based on what’s happening around me, the culture   I’m living in at the time and what’s going on in my head the time I make it. Shown through bold bright colours, extreme texture and heavy lines, I feel this is my fashion statement. It might not be immediate and no, people can’t see my walls while I walk down the street, but it gives me inspiration when I wake up to see what I have previously created.
These are all just thoughts, and these are ideas of me trying to market myself as an artist reaching out to a younger audience, being a young person myself.

With all that said, now that I’m starting school again I hopefully am going to act upon all this and start blogging about Toronto’s art scene and shooting out my thoughts on it all. And more artistic creations to come within the next weeks/months as well! So exciting.

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you’re enjoying the long weekend.

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