I’ve had the leaked versions for a while now… bad I know. and I know the album only came out yesterday which is why I’m posting this now. I bought it too! Of course I would support this brilliant group.

buy it HERE or on iTunes HERE

there’s good music, and then there’s m83.

montreal show november 18th! cant wait!

Mindy Gledhill

And then I got into searching the woman behind the wonderful voice from below’s post.

Mindy Gledhill; her voice is amazing, her videos are precious. Again, a great fall-time find.
Look at her website and blogspot Here and support her christmas album coming out October 18th. Preview the song “Winter Bells” on her Facebook page Here!

Just a thought…

This is what’s interesting to me today, and for the past couple days.

Hippy music. Like, Blind Melons “No Rain” or a classic Purple Haze. I didn’t get the chance to experience this music first hand at an appropriate age, but I wonder about the feelings it gave people while listening. Was is that butterflies-in-my-tummy-omg-this-is-epic feeling? Do people still feel this now? or has a new genre of music taken over this feel. From meeting people, interacting with friends, getting to know different peoples musical taste it’s become apparent to me that the most “hippy-esque” people I know don’t listen to this music at all. Before I go any further I should probably just throw in here my definition of ‘hippy’. Agree, disagree, whatever. 
Someone who has an outlook on life which can give them and eternity of happiness and gains this happiness through music, art, sound, light, love, experience, friendship, emotion, feelings in general. The list can go on, but most of it is about the simple things. The creation of things. Finding and way to let the music, by itself, to take you out of any situation you’re in and put you in a new one. 
So, I think that I can safely say that a huge sweaty room of people dressed in amazing outfits, all jumping and moving together to the flashing lights, and the falling rain, confetti, whatever it may be, while the DJ bumps tunes that seem to be the exact pace your heart is going (always gets me) is the new way to find this butterflies-in-my-tummy-omg-this-is-epic feeling. 
All I know is that I get that feeling when I listen to this

Its hard to listen to this and not be entirely happy and just dance. This is my new-wave hippy.