Twigg from Twigg & Stone has just released his solo album “Young in Nevers”. When asked about the name, he replies the inspiration came from the movie ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ which is about a young girl who lost her mind in the city of Nevers, France. Each song off the album has a depth that I have yet to hear coming from this artist. With a heavy synth/glitch sound mixed with strong drum lines it creates multi-dimensional tracks taking us into each song. Swaying away from his signature jazz inspired music, he brings forward a new sound which I absolutely love. I find this album defines him more as an artist rather than just a beat-maker.
My favourite track is number 3 – “Marzy”. Each sound and instrument plays off the other and is then mixed into this glitchy, tranc-y, eerie melody that ties it all together. Perfect.

Check out the album for yourself right HERE. (click the open in itunes button before previewing)
Support a growing artist and buy a song, or two, or the album! You won’t be disappointed.

Cheers everybody and Merry Christmas!