Hey guys!
The Come Up To My Room Exhibition kicks off today! It’s collection of designers and curators coming together and completely altering the hotel rooms of the Gladstone Hotel into a lot of wicked somethings.
Go check it out down Queen West at Gladstone!

for sale for sale for sale

this is for sale! it’s not finished yet but it will be in the next couple weeks. It any of you want to support me and my art contact me for pricing! 🙂 info on the side –>
works in my gallery are for sale also along with anything your heart desires, and that I can create…

Dave Matthews

long time no post.
Hope the holidays were more than amazing and new years was spectacular. I know mine was!
School is up again and things are busy at school and at home. Between some renos and organizing it’s hard to get my hands on this keyboard lately.
BUT,  I went to the Orbit Room last night with a few people to see this jazz band play. It was absolutely incredible so if you ever get the chance to hit it up.. please do. They play every Wednesday Night @ 10:30 and their name is LMT Collection.
I got into talking with someone I had just met about music and our similar interests. Dave Matthews came up and I instantly was reminded of this song and just had to post it. I don’t think I’ve posted it before but even if I have, it’s worth a second posting.  When you have time, go through the whole Radio City performance.

Enjoy and have a lovely Thursday!