New work for sale… not sure if it’s finished yet.
Shitty pictures but you get the idea
I don’t even know how big this is. Like five feet by something. 
Contact if seriously interested and I’ll give you some straight answers.


So I promised you guys I’d get back to my ways of writing and just throwing out my thoughts into the virtual world, in some hopes that maybe it will just enter your world and stay there. That way I know my rambling has some substance in someone’s life other than to relieve myself of emotional clusterfuck. I have moved to Calgary, finally. I would throw the word successfully in there if it were true. But I don’t think the success has come for me yet. Although, ask me in a day or two and I might just change my mind. I still think I’m in this state of confusion and just complete I-don’t-fucking-know to really tell what’s going on. All this has definitely taught me to remain my own person and never cater to any body else’s needs that don’t prove they deserve it. Yup, I moved here for someone. Nope, I’m not going to go into it. But just know what you’re getting yourself into before you make drastic decisions such as this. I sure thought I did.
People are way more confusing than you think they are. Just when you think that you’re probably the most confusing being out there and no one can top your levels (or should I say layers) of emotional madness, someone jumps in and trumps you. It’s strange, more overwhelming. Again, it adds to my feeling of just complete and utter chaos. It’s weird really, this is the first time I’ve really had my feelings so unorganized. Rambling like this helps. So thanks for letting me do so.
I HAVE successfully found a job serving so woopdy doo. Maybe now I can actually get back to what this blog is all about – art. Or someone, throw me a frickin canvas. Maybe some paint. I dunno, anything to help a poor pocket.

I do hope to see some art up here within a couple weeks. For all our sakes.

Love and miss my T.O girls. Shoutouts.