Electric Blue Heaven

I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now but it’s been a little while since I came across a video that gave me chills, especially in this blistering heat we have going on here in Ottawa. Russian models, crystal blue water, surfing, and one hell of a song combined to give me a little inspiration finally. If this video doesn’t sum up the word “free”, I’m not sure what does.Globe’s Electric Blue Heaven has certainly lived up to its name; a heaven for sure, combining the art of film and sport together to create something incredible. Somebody take me there.

Also a new update..

Here’s a new short series I recently finished. Hoping to put these up in a gallery shortly but they are definitely on sale if anyone is interested.

Acrylic and Oil pastel on canvas 36″x50″
Canvas quality is also awesome. I make the bars myself and stretched it all myself. I will also be making frames for these in the next couple days. Contact for more info

Stay tuned for another series within the next couple weeks.
DU Rails and RMS Galleries are starting to team up and create some Du art for all you Du lovers out there.

Not sure what DU is?
Click here for DU! – this will explain.
We’re starting to spread the Du lifestyle through art! Stay tuned!


Hey guys,

So I’ve made a few trips to the art store recently and instead of buying multiple huge overpriced mediocre quality canvasses, I’ve decided to make my own. With my help of my oh, so handy Father, of course.
These are quality stretcher bars screwed and glued together made by 1×3 clear pine. I’m thinking of starting to sell these for a ton cheaper than you’d find in the stores. Let me know if you’re interested!
I also threw in a picture of the brushes I just purchased. In love.