I came across this article today while skimming through the NY Times. I’ve been sent a few articles from here in the past and find they carry a lot of interesting articles that can relate to many different people, even us artists. Their Art & Design section is pretty awesome and I recommend you check it out.
I have a problem with the subject of this article. I think it’s ridiculous. I think Jeff Koons is ridiculous. Who’s the artist? Him? Or his team of multiple dozen assistant who do all his work. Also, how his work sells for multi millions of dollars,  I will never know.

Read this article written by one of his former assistants who didn’t have the best of luck.
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Aug 23

So here’s two pieces that I’ve had hung in a home for a while now but only now got to documenting them so I though I’d throw them up here. What I’m excited about is the bottom painting. I’ve been asked to do the wall decor for a few show homes in a new development thats going up in town. It’s a great opportunity to get some exposure, and it’s also somewhat of a challenge because all the pieces have to match the already places decor in the home. As you can see with a lot of my work, I work with bright colours and lots of loud, bold line. This one I had to dull down quite a bit. It took me a long time, a lot of paint, and a lot of layers to get it right. I think I did. This painting is being hung and is also for sale!

Mixed Media on Canvas 22″x24″
Mixed Media on Canvas 22″x24″
Mixed Media on Canvas 48″x72″