Likelist #14

Some good vids and tunes to get you through the rest of the week
This song was taken from the new album “Secret Rituals”, out now. Visit to buy now!! The debut single “Little Numbers” from BOY’s debut album “Mutual Friends”, available to pre-order here:’s so likeable.

new shit!

Hey all,

I’m going to go ahead and say the oh-so-typical blog poster quote;

Sorry I haven’t written on here in a while it’s just been so0o0o crazy!
But really it has.
Just giving y’all a heads up to stay on the lookout for another colab with the beautiful and ever so talented Alexa Mazzarello. Click Here for her work and Here for our previous colab!
also, Stay Wanderful is going to be moved to within the next month or so, so heads up for that as well.
This weekend is going to be amazing to catch up with family and to get another mini photo shoot to put up on here. Also, notice the fancy banner?

Since I haven’t done this in a while, and since I really have nothing else to say here’s a playlist. I know it’s long overdue.

Likelist #8

here’s a nice playlist to get you going for the rest of the week.
a few friends and i went to black keys last night in montreal; they sounded amazing! i thought a nice relaxing playlist was needed to wind down after a hectic night.
enjoy, and cheers

also, to finish off, i thought it’d be nice to add in this extremely pretty video that goes along with the last song.